Please be aware we keep all of our meetings for adults only so they are a space where everyone can speak openly.

Pop-In Meetings

Pop-In Meetings are an opportunity to chat to other families in similar situations.We have a couple of tables around with chairs, where we can sit and chat about anything from our children to what’s on TV. It is a good place to ask for advice about anything that is worrying you, with the group or on a 1:1 basis. There is never any pressure to talk, it’s fine to sit and listen.

Speaker Meetings

We work with CAMHS, the Local Authority and other services to have speakers talking about topics relevant to our families.  Each speaker decides how to give their presentation and there is always an opportunity to ask questions. Generally there will be a break to get refreshments. The chairs will be laid out in rows facing the speaker with a table of information by the entrance.  Notes are taken from each meeting and shared on the Facebook group and website.  If you have a question you want asked but can’t make the meeting, we are always happy to ask for you.

Evening Pop-In Meetings


Evening Pop-In Meetings are essentially the same as the normal Pop-In Meetings, however they give people who have commitments during the day time, an opportunity to come along. 

 Transition to Adulthood

Transition to Adulthood meetings aim to provide support to parents with children aged 14 and over, where you can get help with navigating the adult services and find out what is and isn’t available compared to children’s services.  This group is still developing but we hope to have speakers come along to it soon.  


Hospital Support Group

This is currently an online Facebook group where families can find peer support if their child has been admitted into psychiatric hospital.  We are hoping to have meetings once we have got funding, but for now we are becoming a collective voice to try to change some of the problems people have with hospital admissions and discharges.